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Vogue UK

Vogue's unrivalled coverage of the very best from the worlds of fashion, style and beauty comes alive at the touch of a fingertip.

This is the December VOGUE (UK Edition), which is now a back issue, and as such you will only be charged the reduced rate of £1.79.

British Vogue's first iPad app offers you the same glamorous, authoritative package as the best-selling printed version but has extra, unique content from some of the most famous names in the world of fashion. Scan Vogue Shops to fast track the up-to-the minute looks featured in the magazine, play back the enhanced and enlarged fashion stories accompanied by music and watch video content that brings the world of Vogue alive. 

This December issue iPad app includes Mario Testino's original film of Harry Potter star Emma Watson, and his epic photostory and video portraits of the most successful models of the decade, a behind the scenes view of the making of Vogue's fashion zodiac and a how-to of the most sparkling, starry beauty looks of the moment. 


- This is a large app and may take a while to download. The time will vary depending on your internet connection speeds. It is worth the wait!

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Vogue UK
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