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Apple OS (Ipad)

Pulse News Reader

Meet Pulse. A beautiful application that makes reading news fun and engaging. Pulse takes your favorite websites and transforms them into a colorful and interactive mosaic. Tap on an article, and you will see a clean and elegant view of the story. Sharing the story via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Instapaper is as easy as two taps. So good, the app was featured in the App Store Hall of Fame!

★ Dual view: For each article on Pulse News, you can switch between a clean text summary of the article or go to the website directly. When you tap on an article, both are ready to view, almost instantly!

★ Dashboard: With the dashboard layout, you can continue to browse news stories on Pulse as you read an article.

★ Offline sync: No internet? No problem. Pulse loads the news stories you read, and makes it available wherever you are.

★ Integration with Google Reader: Pulse News allows you to directly import all your RSS feeds from Google Reader. Fantastic way to get set up on Pulse!

★ Easy share: Found an interesting news article? Sharing a news story on Pulse via email, facebook, twitter and instapaper is as easy as 2 taps. 

★ News discovery: Pulse features new publishers every Friday. You can also search for a news source by simple keywords. Please note that you can add upto 60 news sources in this version of Pulse.

★ Smooth transitions: Getting lost in applications as you rotate your iPad. Special care has been taken to maintain consistency between Landscape and Portrait views.

★ Stay up to date: Want to read the latest news as soon as its published? With a single tap, you can refresh all your news sources instantly without ever leaving the application


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Comic Zeal Comic Reader

Imagine holding your comic library in your hands; with Comic Zeal, you don't have to imagine. 

Your iPad is the perfect device for reading comics, but reading comics and manga isn't like reading books. You need a specialist app that can:

- Organize your comics by series, don't look through hundreds to find the one you want.
- Show you large covers, they'll tell you more than a title.
- Make it easy to move between issues when reading, you'll go through a few in a sitting.
- Reliably zoom in on content, not show you the same borders page after page.
- Be smart about what to show you when you rotate the device, many comics have a mixture of portrait and landscape pages.
- Load big images fast, you don't want to spend five seconds waiting for a page to load.
- Load your comics using USB, wifi or even other apps like Drop Box.

That app is Comic Zeal. It does everything on the list and much more. It was the first comic reader on the app store more than two years ago. We've been listening to your feedback and improving on it ever since. 

River of News

River of News is a RSS reader for the iPad that syncs with your Google Reader account.

"This River of News is awesome" - Leo Laporte on MacBreak Weekly
"The killer app for news consumption may have finally hit the iPad" - AppAdvice
"As pleasurable of an experience as I could ask for" - MacWorld
"My new favorite iPad news reader" - TNW Apps
"It’s simple, elegant, clean-looking, and just simply works great" - 
"Easily my favorite RSS reader" -

What makes River of News different is that it brings infinite scrolling or the expanded view to the iPad. It's not based on drilling down levels of hierarchy and then back up and back down. Nor is it trying to replicate the dead tree model of laying out articles in pages of columns. Your news sources are streams, and River of News lets you scroll through them that way. Why should you have to jump back and forth between header and article? Why be forced with every article to make a decision based on a little picture and a couple lines of text? Why hit a little button or have to pull?

Why not just scroll?

Scroll up and down within a stream. Swipe left and right to change streams. Simple.

✭ Always in sync with Google Reader
✭ Unlimited feeds, folders, and articles
✭ Infinite scroll
✭ Mark as read while you scroll
✭ Optimized for readability
✭ 2 fonts and 4 sizes. Choose what is comfortable for your eyes.
✭ Sort by newest or oldest
✭ Save images to your photo album

Share and store articles in many ways
✔ Facebook
✔ Twitter
✔ Email
✔ Instapaper
✔ Read it Later
✔ Delicious (with Yahoo ID)
✔ Tumblr
✔ Pinboard

Please note that a Google Reader account is required.

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Because Ashes uses Fever°, you'll need to purchase and install it first.

Bringing the first native iPad app built on the Fever API from Shaun Inman’s Fever° webapp, Ashes is a slick RSS reader that allows you to burn through your feeds by seeing hot, trending topics. Read articles in a built-in browser, send them by email, and save them to Instapaper. Syncing with Fever°, Ashes works perfectly online and offline. Ashes is the best way to keep up on the news that matters most to you.

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TweetMag is a social magazine that reduces the noise that often plagues Twitter. It transforms Twitter into beautiful magazines of articles and media that people are tweeting about most. It’s like making a personal editorial team out of the people, lists and tags you follow. Features

• Explore your own TweetMag based on the people you follow
• Search hashtags and lists to explore content outside of your network
• Browse curated TweetMags and trending terms
• Full articles stream into the application and can be tweeted, emailed or added to Instapaper • Play video seamlessly from feeds
• Related tweets can be viewed and interacted with in context of articles
• Add any TweetMag to a rack that’s accessible with one simple swipe


View your Yellow Cab magazine on your iPhone and iPad. Take advantage of great offers from local Ft Lauderdale restaurants and clubs.

WIRED Magazine (UK)

December WIRED (UK Edition) £1.19.

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Wiley Newsletter Mobile Reader HD

Wiley’s newsletter mobile reader offers subscribers the ability to receive and store issues directly on their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Access the latest news and analysis in our psychology newsletter series from Brown University, including:

•Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly
•Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology Update
•Child & Adolescent Behavioral Letter
•Digest of Addiction Theory and Application
•Geriatric Psychopharmacology Update
•Mental Health Weekly
•Psychopharmacology Update

The Wiley newsletter mobile reader now offers our leading business and nonprofit newsletters:
•Bruce R. Hopkins Nonprofit Counsel
•Management Report for Nonunion Organizations
Features include
•Free sample issue of all titles available on the Reader
•Access all your current Wiley newsletter subscriptions within one reader
•Unlimited storage of issues
•Searching within all archived articles
•Night View
•Direct Access to the Wiley Subscription Fulfillment and Customer Service Team

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de Volkskrant HD

De Volkskrant iPad-editie

Ontdek de Volkskrant zoals u de krant gewend bent op papier én met enkele mooie extra's. Wanneer u deze GRATIS APP nu downloadt, ontvangt u ook uw eerste tien kranten helemaal gratis. Dit kennismakingsaanbod loopt tot 31 maart 2011.

Na uw tien gratis kranten te hebben gelezen, kunt u elke werkdag de krant kopen voor 79 cent. Voor de weekendkrant met bijlagen en Volkskrant Magazine betaalt u 1,59 euro. 

In plaats van losse nummers te kopen, kunt u ook een abonnement nemen. Hoe dat kan, leest u in het infoscherm dat verschijnt wanneer u aangeeft een krant te willen kopen. Voor een abonnement betaalt u 14,90 euro (voor een maand), 43,50 euro (voor een kwartaal), 85 euro (voor zes maanden) of 149 euro (voor een heel jaar).

Wat kunt u met de app?

* de krant van vandaag of eerder de afgelopen week verschenen exemplaren downloaden en lezen
* de krant lezen ‘in krantenstijl’, waarbij u kunt inzoomen op artikelen, foto's en advertenties
* de krant lezen ‘in tekstformaat’, met foto's en grafieken
* in de tekstversie de foto's uitvergroten op schermbreedte en vegen (‘swipen’) door de verschillende beelden bij het artikel
* in de tekstversie snel navigeren via de artikelnavigatie of rubriekennavigatie
* in de tekstversie door de krant vegen, artikel na artikel
* snel door de krant navigeren dankzij de eenvoudig op te starten paginastrip onderaan uw scherm
* terwijl u de krant leest, direct overschakelen naar de actuele live news feed van en daar de recentste nieuwsberichten meepikken
* deelnemen aan alle promotieacties die ook voor de papieren krant gelden

Heeft u tips, opmerkingen of suggesties voor de volgende versie van deze app, mail ons dan via We stellen uw reactie zeer op prijs.

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