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Hoe Mediabedrijven inkomsten kunnen genereren

t’s safe to say that many media publishers are focused on creating new streams of revenue. But how many media revenue models can there be and how do you identify the one that works best?


Ross Dawson, author and blogger, has been working to create a Media Revenue Models framework in an effort to give companies a sample of what is available.

Media Revenue Models
At the core of the framework is the concept that the more value added the more revenue that can be generated. While most newspapers offer the same types of revenue-generating formats from classifieds to subscriptions, in order to successfully benefit from them, it’s important to know which are valuable to users.
In his article, Media Revenue Models Framework: 12 categories of income sources for media companies, Dawson outlines a draft of the values publishers and content creators can seek to incorporate, as well as the different ways from which revenue can be generated. Dawson says the lists aims to “help executives to think in new ways about their own business.”



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